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November 15, 2011

The purpose of this conference is to introduce policymakers and thought leaders to the obstacles and opportunities associated with innovation growth surrounding mobile communications. 

I. Welcoming Breakfast / Introduction (9:00-10:00 am)

Panelists Include: Jed Alpert, Mobile Commons

Once upon a time there was a thing called the World Wide Web:
Lessons from the greatest period of innovation in modern history

The reach and scope of mobile adoption dwarfs that of the wired web. The central question is how to ensure that the open and democratic spirit that built the Internet into the greatest engine of commerce and community in history will foster the mobile Internet ecosystem. This session will draw upon the wisdom of early Internet pioneers followed by insight of leading innovators in the mobile content field, specifically addressing what must be done to guarantee the mobile universe remains vibrant and open.

Speakers will include today's industry leaders with a grasp on the immense possibilities of mobile Internet for business fruition and expansion.

II. Conversations with Three Important Mobile Communities:

mHealth     mEducation     mMedia

SESSION I (10:15-11:30am)

Panelists Include: Neil Allison, Pearson Education

Our concern is not simply mobile for the sake of mobile. Every aspect of our lives, from business to health care, education, politics, and media, already embraces mobile communications. Leaders in these fields will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of incorporating mobile and what can be done to make mobile better serve the interest of consumers and constituents.

Each Track will focus of the following elements:

  • The “common” network:  A strong network channels energy, and when a spark is ignited, connections come together and have a lasting impact. During each set of conversations, our facilitator will walk industry experts through their experiences in finding the common threads in their mobile world. 
  • Scaling up the community: As an industry, many of the most promising start-up entrepreneurs are relying on mobile platforms. We need to understand how to create certainty about what can and cannot be done on the broadest-reaching communications platform ever created. The investment of capital and creative energy for mobile innovation requires community standards.
  • Candid communications: Mobile gives us the means to create and expand connections. We will indentify industry dialogues taking place between policy leaders, the business community, the consumers, and citizens.

Leading facilitators from the field will guide the discussions within the tracks, and strategically-minded speakers will address the innovations and future of each each track. 

III. Lunch Conversation  (11:45-1:00 pm)

The U.S. boasts a large number of mobile innovators who have an economic impact on the communities they serve, including in the creation of valuable high paying jobs. The U.S. should be the world leader in mobile innovation, and this conversation will address how we make sure that happens. Entrepreneurs from every sector are witnessing the power of mobile.  We need regulatory policies and structures that reflect their ongoing contribution to our society by encouraging flexibility and transparency for the mobile ecosystem.  Our lunch conversation will engage policy thought leaders, mobile movers, and a carrier executive who will discuss the importance of an open mobile platform while preserving the best possible consumer experience.

Moderated by MICC's Jed Alpert, lunchtime speakers will include former Senator Dorgan, senior policy advisor at Arent Fox, LLP and co-chair of the firm's Government Relations practice. MICC will be reaching out to the carrier community to engage them in this necessary and important dialogue.


IV. Conversations with Venture Capitalists (1:15-2:30 pm)

Panelists Include: Jack Biddle, Novak Biddle; Pascal Luck, Core Capital Partners

Investment in mobile is hot. Small groups of 30-40 will connect with our VC invitees to discuss the hidden fountainhead of venture capital that is available to mobile innovators.

‚ÄčInvitees are leading venture capitalists with personal experience in mobile innovation.

V. Conversations with Three Important Mobile Communities:


mHealth     mEducation     mMedia

SESSION II (2:45-4:00pm)

Panelists Include: Beth Jacobs, Washington Post

(See session I for detailed description)

VI.  Final Keynotes (4:30-5:15 pm)

MICC has invited a U.S. Senator who will discuss the fight for open Internet. The open and free nature of the wired Internet has led to today's foremost web innovations, from YouTube to Facebook, Google, and beyond. The Senator will conclude by discussing open Internet as an essential requirement for mobile innovation tomorrow.



The mobilizers - A group of industry experts who will be working in the background to deliver groundbreaking information to our audience at the close of the event –information that will be taken directly to our law makers.

Moments Storytelling Booth - During one of the breakout sessions, MICC will be collecting stories from innovators in the field who have breakthrough moments to share with our law makers and the people who protect our rights as mobile innovators.

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